Can I Use Lawstar For Free?

Yes, the Basic package is Free and includes a full profile page for your firm on Lawstar.co.uk and you can also integrate it with your firms website to display your reviews on your website using the WordPress Plugin or the HTML code (HTML code is for websites that do not use WordPress).

Do I Need The Pro Upgrade?

No, this is an optional upgrade for firms that want extra protection against negative reviews with our review shield system which requires reviewers awarding a low score of 1 or 2 stars to submit an invoice to prove that they have used your law firm. The cost of the service is to help cover the time required for us to check the invoices.

Can My Firm Still Be Awarded With A 1 or 2 Star Review If I Have The Pro Plan?

Yes, If a reviewer submits a 1 or 2 star review and provides a genuine invoice / proof that they have used a firm and the review passes our checks then it will be published as it would be unfair on reviewers and the general public to not allow such reviews to be published. We are here to help law firms gather valuable reviews and testimonials but we are also here for the general public too that want to see honest reviews about each law firm featured on our website.

What Should I Do If I Get A Negative Review?

If your firm receives a negative review we would recommend that you take the time to reply to their review on your lawstar.co.uk profile page. This will allow you to explain your side of the disagreement or to simply apologise should this be a more suitable response so that others can see that your firm does follow up and take note of clients feedback.

Using The Plugin Can I Just Display 5 Star Reviews On My Own Website?

Yes, the WordPress plugin or HTML code alternative have no settings and will automatically only display 5 star reviews on your website as on your own website most firms do not want to display anything less than 5 star reviews. All published reviews will be displayed on your lawstar.co.uk profile page though including reviews with less than 5 stars.

If I Signup For The Free Plan Will It Always Be Free?

If you signup for the free plan whilst it is offered for free then you will have access to your reviews for free for life. If in the future there is a charge for the basic plan this will not affect existing subscribers who signed-up during the free period and they can continue to use the basic plan for free.

Will The Cost OF The Pro Plan Increase In The Future?

There will be no increase to your Pro plan whilst you are subscribed to it so the price that you signup for the pro plan will be the same price for your firm for life even if the price is increased for the pro plan for new subscribers your subscription will not be affected and you will not be charged more.

How Does The Legal Sector Ranking Work?

There is a complicated algorithm that calculates the ranks of law firms in each legal sector but the basic rules are that the more reviews you have that are positive reviews about your firm the better your firm will rank in the relevant legal sectors. So if you can get lost of 4 – 5 star reviews from your customers then your firm stands a good chance of ranking highly in the Lawstar legal sector ranks.

Will Ranking Higher In The Legal Sectors Help Our Firm?

Yes, the legal sector ranks will soon be made available to the public so that they can see which firms rank in the top places for each legal sector. Getting to the top of your most important legal sectors will help to win potential client trust as well as providing more exposure of your law firm plus visits to your website via your firms profile page.

Can We Use Lawstar If Our Law Firm Is Based Outside Of The UK?

No, Lawstar is only available to UK law firms.

Why Was My Law Firm Rejected?

All law firms are checked before being included so as to help us remove any firms that are not genuine. If your firm has an extremely bad reputation we might also refuse the firm.

Are You Able To Detect Fake Reviews?

Yes, our system can detect fake reviews automatically. We also manually check reviews and patterns of reviews. If a firm is caught submitting fake reviews directly or through a paid service (for which we can also detect) then the law firm will be removed. If a firm is removed it is very unlikely that they will be accepted again in the future so please use the site respectfully.

Can I Cancel My Pro Plan At Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel a pro plan at anytime and you will not be charged if you cancel before your monthly payment date. If you cancel your law firm will be downgraded to a basic / free plan so that you will still have your reviews but you will no longer have the pro plan benefits such as the review shield system. You will still have a full profile on lawstar.co.uk and you will also still be able to use the wordpress plugin or html code on your website.

Do You Provide Support?

Yes, please submit all support requests via your login area using the support tab which will allow you to submit a form / support request.

If Our Firm Has A Featured Listing On LawFirms.co.uk Can We Get The LawStar.co.uk Pro Plan For Free?

Yes, if your firm has an active featured listings subscription on our other website LawFirms.co.uk then you are entitled to a free upgrade to the Pro plan on Lawstar.co.uk. The pro plan will remain free whilst you have the active featured listings subscription.

Where Can I Get The Plugin To Display My Reviews On My Own Website?

The WordPress plugin and html code alternative are available to download in your login area on lawstar.co.uk.

Can You Help Install The Plugin?

To add the plugin to a wordpress website you just need to add the plugin and activate it and it is done. There are no settings or code to be entered. If you are not able to do this though please submit a support request through your login area and we will do our best to help. We can also help none WordPress users with the HTML code alternative.

Can Lawstar include Our Google Reviews?

Yes, when you signup for the Pro plan (Google reviews integration not included with the basic / free plan) simply select the box to say that you have Reviews for your firm with Google and that you would like these to be included. We will then check your firm against Google’s business listing and the reviews. We do not need any access to your Google account to do this as we call the reviews through our own Google API which means we also pay for the api calls so there is no cost for fetching Google reviews either. So if you want to add Google reviews just select the box during the registration process and we will do the rest.

Can You Just Include My Best Google Reviews?

We will import all 4 and 5 star reviews from Google. We will also only send 5 star reviews to your website if you choose to display the reviews on your firms website using our free plugins.

Will Adding Google Reviews Help Our Legal Sector Ranks?

Adding Google reviews will improve your firms overall score but it will not contribute towards your legal sector ranks. The reason for this is because there are many fake reviews on Google and we need to validate the reviews to ensure the legal sector ranks are as genuine and fair to all law firms as possible. We also provide this service to the general public and so need to validate all reviews that contribute to the legal sector ranks so as to provide a genuine score for them too. So if you want to improve your legal sector ranks then you should ask your clients to leave a review through Lawstar.